Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My birthday trip to San Francisco

Hi, all whomever is reading this...

So I had an amazing birthday trip to San Francisco with my friend Thressie. We are fortunate that so many cool things are near Reno. It was only a three hour trip down there. Driving and seeing all the green and the cool weather was like going to another world- so different from Reno!

The best parts of the trip were-
- Driving down there was fun. The traffic on 80 due to the construction wasn't bad at all. It was fun coming into the city and going over the Golden Gate Bridge and trying to find our hotel. Thank God for our GPS! The one thing we noticed is while I am sure there are plenty of nice, polite people in the city, the drivers were so aggressive.
- Chrissy Field is so beautiful! We loved it. The view of the city is amazing. We loved walking on the sand and looking out onto the bay.
- Boudin's down in Fisherman Wharf has the tastiest sourdough bread and clam chowder soup. It was so crowded down there- just wall to wall people.
- We drove all around the city and used the GPS. My favorite parts of the city were Chrissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge and the look out point on the way to Marin County, the Presidio, Fisherman's Wharf, and Alacatraz.
- We ate at this amazing bar/restaurant called Elephant Castle. The night we went it was Trivia Night". Everyone in the bar played. The food was excellent and I even got a free "Public Enemies" poster.
- For my birthday dinner we went to Sausalito. The restaurant we went to "The Spinnaker" was so good. It was a gourmet dinner. We were right on the water. The view from the restaurant was amazing and we got to watch the fog roll in. Sausalito is very quaint and almost like something out of a story book.
- Alcatraz is so cool! We got some amazing pictures and it was a sunny day when we went- on my birthday. It gave us chills to listen to go on the tour and listen to former prisoners talk about their experiences on "the Rock". Next time I think it would be neat to go to Angel Island.
- Yes, like tacky tourists we found the address to Danielle Steel's house and drove by. I could not resist the temptation to see the huge mansion were one of my favorite writers live.
- Speaking of houses, my friend Thressie's grandfather grew up near a fabulous house by the Golden Gate. It is still there and of course I took a pic of her in front of it.
- Of course we went to Ghiradelli Square. We ate the most delicious chocolate ice cream cones!
I really enjoyed San Francisco and do want to go back sometime!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Posting from Poirot

This is my first post and to start off with something kind of fun and quirky this is something that my cat Hercule Poirot wrote... yeah he borrowed my laptop. and wrote this...

I am a cat and can’t speak so Susie lent me her computer. It’s a challenge typing when I only have paws, but I make it work.

I was given the name Poirot. I like my name. I am a black and white tuxedo cat. I think that my name sounds very distinguished and handsome, just like me.

When I got to Susie’s apartment, I was surprised at how small it is. It took some adjustment getting used to her apartment. I was never a playful, mischevious kitten. I like toys but mostly I am a thinking cat. I have fun looking out the window and people watching.

Other times, while I love my owner, I want her to get out of the house. When I think she is home too much, I will try to tell her telepathically to get out of the house.

Susie got another cat and named it General Burnside. At first, I didn’t really like him. He is a black and white cat and so hyper. Now, I think General Burnside is not so bad. We play and take naps together. I don’t like it when he runs after me when I am not in the mood to play or tries to tackle me. Usually, when General Burnside does that I hiss at him or walk away from him. It is nice to have General Burnside around, though I don’t tell Susie that.

When Susie goes on her computer, I will sit on her desk. I also like to watch the arrow moving around. That is so fascinating.

I know being a cat I have to use the litter box. Susie bought us a covered litter box. I know she did that for herself and not really for us. I am okay with that. She keeps it clean and uses this weird smelling air freshener that smells like powder.

I like to go in the car but I hate being in a carrier. I don’t like being picked up and dumped in a small enclosed space. I fight it. I think Susie only preservers in getting me in the carrier out of sheer stubbornness. I am strong and I will not give in easily.

I really like to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I find the characters on the show very interesting. My favorite characters are Meredith and McDreamy. It is always interesting to me the situations and complications that humans get themselves into.

I know that I am very handsome. I always have an expression on my face that makes it very hard to resist me. I don’t like how she makes me stand up, makes faces at me, and talks baby talk. It is insulting to my intelligence but hey she feeds me…

For me, life is interesting. I have a great owner even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. I have a warm bed, don’t have to go outside, have good food, and have fun toys to play with. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the future- hopefully no other cats, a bigger apartment, and more cat toys!